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Sunday, 12 August 2012

MozClub @ SICSR, Pune

Pune presently being one of the most happening places for the Mozilla Summer Code Party
Mozilla Reps Ankit Gadgil and Sayak Sarkar organized the MozClub event at Symbiosis Institute at Computer Studies and Research(SICSR), Pune on 11th August 2012.

Pune, is now the city with the highest number of Mozilla Reps in India, The Reps are constantly working to make the Summer Code Party a huge Success.
With the events Like MozParty and MozFest proving to be highly successful, MozClub at SICSR was another addition to the Hit List.

The MozClub event was intended to learn the basics of Webmaking, work with Webmaking tools and create an official Mozilla Students Club at SICSR.

With all the ReMos brainstorming at the latest MozCafe, thus the idea of MozClub was born.
With the idea coming to reality, the event was scheduled on 11th August 2012. The venue, unarguably the hub for FOSS events : SICSR, Pune.

The Event saw an excellent crowd of 65+ students from SICSR in attendance eager to grab knowledge.

MozClub smoothly started with Ankit Gadgil Introducing the event to the attendees and a session on Introduction to Mozilla and MozClub,
Sayak Sarkar followed with a session on Introduction to Mozilla Summer Code Party.
Webmaking was then introduced to the crowd by Sayak and Ankit followed by the use of Mozilla Webamker tools like Thimble.

In the Hands-on session the Students started working and playing with Thimble and creating their own custom pages.
Most of the students were new at webmaking - but, at the end of the Hands-on session the hacking on the Thimble projects by many of them was very good.
This prominently showed that the session was indeed a success.

Then followed a session on How to get involved with Mozilla, Sign-Up for the Student Reps program and various fields of contributions in Mozilla.

15 new student reps were registered and Mozilla Family grew bigger.

The MozClubSICSR then was Officially formed with ReMos Ankit Gadgil, Sayak Sarkar and Student Reps Priyanka Nag, Satyam Singh, Viral Thakker and the new 15 Mozillians.

We wrapped up the event with distribution of Summer Code Party Stickers to the attendees and clicked a group picture with many Happy faces contended to have learnt something new and amazing.
We then bade goodbye to all the attendees with assurance to take The MozClubSICSR to new heights.
Thanks Sayak, Viral, Priyanka and Satyam for the immense support in organizing such a great event.

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