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Monday 17 June 2013

Maker Party Pune

Maker Party Pune

It was 15th June 2013, the kickoff of Maker Party World wide. India being in the eastern part of the globe sees the sun first, hence we had the opportunity to open up the Maker Party 2013 earlier than the west.  Already excited about this event Mozillians in Pune started planning to teach the web. Thus Maker Party Pune was decided to be organized on 15th June itself. As last year's Summer Code party the Mozilla Pune Community decided to keep up the momentum with the Maker Party events. Mozilla Rep Priyanka Nag did a fabulous job with organizing the event. The audience was the new MSc(Computer Application) batch of SICSR. Priyanka with the help of Mozilla Club SICSR volunteers managed it all for the start of the event.

    The event init() was fired by me at 11:00 am with Introduction to Mozilla, Open Badges, Open web & Why should we care?.
The attendees were amazed by some facts about the Open Web and why it is so important.

Open Badges, Gotta earn 'em all!
The stage was the  taken up by Jaipradeesh J. who talked about Mozilla projects and mainly Firefox OS, Apps and how to contribute to it. The Keon Phone came in handy at this demonstration and the Firefox OS simulator was also displayed, their was excitement in the air with all cheering for Firefox OS.

The next session was conducted by Priyanka Nag she talked about Mozilla Products and Womoz (says thats her Favorite topic). Aniket Deshpande then gave a nice talk on the Mozilla Reps programme as well as the new Firefox Student Ambassador programme.
Many of the attendees were new to the open source world and Mozilla, This event did serve its purpose of introducing them to this awesome part of openness and freedom.
Before we asked the attendees some open source trivia questions, the answers were awarded with Firefox stickers.

We hacked the My Intro template

       At 1:00 pm we all had lunch and  soon were back at 2:00 pm  with Webmaking. We started with Sayak Sarkar remotely sharing his experience with the audience via google hangout.

Webmaker Hackathon

We than started with the Hacking session using Webmaker tool Thimble.We collected all the thimble makes in an etherpad and Gauthamraj Elango, Jai Pradeesh, Aniket Deshpande, Sayak Sarkar and Priyanka Nag started rating them to determine the best makes.
The participants enjoyed thimble and started to make their own pages and hacking the projects.

After Thimble, my personal favourite X-ray googles were ready to amaze all. Introduction to X-ray goggles included hacking a news website and putting in the all famous Rajnikanth's * picture on the headlines page. We all had a laugh at the hack and all present applauded for the power of X-ray Googles. Without any delay the attendees were back with X-ray goggle hacks, changing and hacking their favourite webpages. We had some amazing hacks which included changing the ongoing India vs Pakistan match's score to some unrealistic figures with retired payers, "this is fun" quoted one of the attendees.

X-ray Hack of a Cricket scoreboard
After a lot of hacks and play around with X-ray goggles we collected all of them and again the review team rated them all to decide the best 10 hacks.

We then moved to Popcorn Maker, introducing the amazing events in the tool we created a sample video. As the results were coming in we decided to have a look at some more amazing things on the web. So we moved towards playing with . It is a very cool website to hang around. Soon the results for the best thimble make and X-ray hack were on. The best 10 makes and hacks were given some exclusive Firefox swags.
But the fun wasn't over yet, everybody at the event received Mozilla swags as well which brought a smile to all the faces.

Winner Best Picture
   The best tweet and the best picture of the day "Engaged to Firefox" were awarded with Firefox t-shirts.
Winner Best Tweet

 Special thanks to  Aman Sidhu for capturing the event beautifully in the camera.
A vote of thanks to all the volunteers and attendees with a group picture ended the event. Kudos for the maker party followed all around.

Achieving smiles and satisfaction is the best prize you get by teaching the web.
Planning more such events in the near future during the global maker party, we signed off the day with a much needed coffee at The Chocolate Room.
Kudos to Mozilla

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